Hands-free plus productivity - with Zebra's WT6000

Boost sales with productivity: Introduce your customers to the newest touch technology for their wrist!

Smart yes, watch no: Zebra's brand new Android wrist terminal WT6000 brings you new sales opportunities and your customers a highly efficient alternative to a classical mobile computer. With the new mounting system and the finger scanners RS6000/RS4000, you easily achieve a comfortable hands-free hardware solution for maximum productivity in picking and inventory applications in the warehouse.

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Zebra WT6000

Ergonomic Android-based wearable computer for the wrist


IP65-certified housing, scratch-proof multi-touch display (3.2’')


All-touch TE transforms green screen applications into user-friendly
touch applications


NFC for pairing, at the push of a button


Zebra RS6000


Ring scanner for 1D and 2D barcodes

Simple battery management (battery identical to WT6000)

Zebra RS4000


Ring scanner for linear barcodes

Direct connection to the WT6000