New retail PowerScanners for invisible Digimarc barcodes from Datalogic


Datalogic Extends PowerScan Success With a New Retail Series, Industrial performance for retail applications.

PowerScan 9500-RT

New scanner concept, new super powers: Datalogic's new PowerScan Series 9500-RT is specially designed for retail applications and even reads what no one sees - namely, Digimarc barcodes! That makes it an investment for your future.

Especially for retail Datalogic has shed its characteristic black and yellow for an elegant black or gray. With the proven industrial housing the series brings even greater reliability into the retail day-to-day - in supermarkets, hardware stores and wholesale, incoming goods and inventory, equally.



PowerScan 9500-RT


About Digimarc barcodes:

Digimarc barcodes are invisibly printed directly onto the product packaging. They could revolutionize retail, since they effectively save up to 20% time spent at the checkout! The first vendors have already implemented the codes.